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Winnebago County 17th Judicial Court

12/19/2016 10:33:00 AM

Forecasts are that every citizen, at some point in their life, will interact with the court system. Matters brought to the courts will be settled in different ways – possibly with technology whereas parties never physically meet and are provided a “just disposition” virtually. Court rooms will be distributed and in some cases virtualized. The construct of “Just in Time Justice” will gain traction and evolve. Self-represented parties will continue to increase placing a burden on court systems and the technologists participating in helping with efficiencies. Drive up / self-initiated “do it yourself law” is here now and its impact on case load and court capacity has yet to be forecast. Lawyers will continue to demand and expect seamless interaction with the courts for their clients. We have yet to define the challenges, let alone articulate the solution. What we do know as Gus Gentner and WinCo DoIT is that fast and secure networks must exist first to support the Courts of the 21st Century. We must be prepared to support case process, management information and decisions. In other words, information that makes our “court factory” more efficient. The key purpose of case management is to organize data (and ensure completeness) so it can, in turn, be converted into information for cases to be adjudicated and “just decisions” rendered.
“Just Dispositions” from Virtual Court Rooms
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