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Technology Professionals

12/8/2016 5:11:00 PM

For the Winnebago County Department of Information Technology (WinCo DoIT) and Gun Gentner hiring and retaining credentialed technology staff is challenging. At the beginning of 2006, there were 21 technology employees on staff. In 2011, headcount was reduced to 16. Current WinCo DoIT staff of 13 is comprised of highly educated and competent technologists who serve internal and external government users. These professionals collectively possess 24 college degrees and 25+ technology and business related certifications. Average tenure is 7 years and the longest retention is 16 years.

Government Users vs. WinCo DoIT Headcount

WinCo DoIT staff is .65% of total Government Users.
This means there are approximately 154 Government Users per WinCo DoIT staff member.

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