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How to Save Valuable Desk Space With All-in-One PCs

12/1/2016 1:01:00 PM

In Winnebago County, Ill., the court system has relied on some form of all-in-one computers for about five years, including a mix of HP Compaq 8200 Elite and HP Compaq 6000 Pro models. Judges use the units on the bench where space is at a premium, while defense and prosecutors also have the units available to them at the counsel tables. In the court clerk’s offices, touch-screen models facilitate processing fines and fees.

CIO Gus Gentner says all-in-one computers are easier for workers to use and save energy compared with traditional PCs. “They also make sense for the IT department because they’re easier to deploy and manage with standard images, and they come apart easily so we can swap parts in and out very quickly.”

Additionally, the county plans to deploy all-in-one PCs in its jails for corrections officers to access inmate information and process inmates. The IT department is also working with a contractor to deploy the devices in secure enclosures and affix them to jailhouse walls for use by inmates.

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