Gus Gentner

August A. Gentner, President of August Consulting Company, has been providing Information Technology services for small and medium sized business in the Northern Illinois area since September of 1995. Clients include a variety of business disciplines such as:
  • Travel
  • Health Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Recycling
  • County Government
  • Airport Management
  • Financial Investing
  • Home Improvements
  • and Others
Our specialty is in understanding the client's unique Information Technology issues and developing solutions consistent with that industry's general Information Technology practices.
August Consulting Company
Thorough educational, technical and management experience and skills with focus on: inter/intra customer service; innovation; strategic planning, organizational leadership; security; systems integration; obsolescence planning; enhanced user experience; network management; software development (web enabled, cloud, mobile, and others); software selection and implementation; backup and contingency planning; continuous process improvement; and accountability.